A better energy future

Building a better energy future

At Vantage RE, we own, develop and operate renewable energy assets across the UK and Ireland. Headquartered in London, we manage a portfolio of 94 sites including solar, onshore, and offshore wind projects. We currently have 908MW generation capacity in total.

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We manage 743MW of solar and 123.9MW of onshore wind, as well as a 41.5MW offshore wind project. We plan to grow, with more projects in development across a range of technologies such as solar, onshore and offshore wind, and battery storage. Vantage RE is making an important contribution to the UK and Ireland's supply of clean energy.

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We want to drive the rapid transition towards a global low-carbon economy, powered by clean, affordable energy. We are committed to achieving this in a sustainable way - with an approach that respects communities, the environment, and our team.

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As part of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Vantage RE invests in, develops and actively manages a range of renewable energy assets. Vantage RE acts as a growth platform in support of TNB’s commitment to sustainable energy.

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Developing renewable energy for a brighter future

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