What we do

We own, develop, and operate renewable energy projects, making an important contribution to the supply of clean energy and building a better energy future for generations to come.

Solar farm at Hill House in Gloucesterhire

Why we do it

In the face of both climate and energy security challenges, we need renewables now more than ever. Each project speeds up the switch to clean energy and reduces carbon emissions. How the world is powered is changing, and we want Vantage RE to play a leading role in that.

Our projects

We own and operate 908MW of renewable projects across the UK and Ireland. Our diverse team of experts is committed to delivering the highest quality projects with care.

solar icon Solar PV 641 MW
onshore_wind icon Onshore Wind 123.9 MW
offshore_wind icon Offshore Wind 41.5 MW
solar_ready_to_build icon Solar in construction 102MW

Our business

Since we got started in 2017 we’ve made fast progress. We are a renewable energy growth platform for our parent company Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). 


Clean energy ambition

We intend to grow our renewable energy portfolio to more than 2GW by 2030. 

Case Study

Wind Turbine

Blyth Offshore windfarm

Operated in partnership with EDF Renewables 

  • 41.5 MW 
  • 5x 8.3MW turbines
  • Powering up to 36,000 homes annually
  • 191.5 turbine tip height

Blyth is a small coastal wind farm located 0.5 miles off the coast of Blyth, Northumberland.
Constructed in 2017, Blyth is the first offshore wind farm to use float and submerge technology.
This means the wind turbines are supported with gravity-based foundations, which are transported by floating. This made it less costly to install, since foundations don’t need to be drilled into the seabed.

Developing renewable energy for a brighter future

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