Sale of three EDF Renewables UK onshore wind farm developments in Scotland complete

Press Release 2nd Feb 2024. EDF Renewables UK has completed the sale of three of its Scottish onshore wind farm development sites to Vantage RE Ltd.

The wind farms – 25.8MW Camilty, a six-turbine site in West Lothian; Shelloch, a five turbine, 25.3MW development in Fintry, Stirlingshire and Troston, a 67.2MW, 14-turbine site in Dumfries and Galloway – all have planning consent already.

EDF Renewables UK has a well-established relationship with Vantage RE Ltd and has a joint venture in place for Blyth Offshore Demonstrator Limited in the North East of England as well as the proposed new Blyth 2 floating offshore project

Jon O’Sullivan, Director of Onshore for EDF Renewables UK said: “We have ambitious plans and a large pipeline of projects across a number of technologies to accelerate the country’s net zero ambitions and tackle climate change. As a business, we review our portfolio on a regular basis. This sale will allow us to focus our efforts on other projects in the pipeline including some at an earlier stage of development in the UK.

“Similarly to EDF Renewables UK, Vantage RE Ltd prides itself on working closely with local communities and helping them maximise the benefits of renewable energy; including making sure community benefit funds are in place once the wind farms are operational. We will be working closely with Vantage RE Ltd over the coming weeks to ensure stakeholders and community groups are fully informed of their new point of contact for the projects.”

Vian Davys, Chief Executive of Vantage RE Ltd said: “This is an important and exciting step forward in our plans. These windfarm projects complement our existing portfolio of renewable energy in the UK and Ireland. As well as providing clean, renewable energy from the Scottish wind, we want to secure a genuine community benefit for those living near our sites.

“We work closely with EDF Renewables UK on our offshore wind project at Blyth, and enjoy an aligned approach to collaboration, innovation and delivering high quality projects. We look forward to continued progress on our shared vision of a clean energy future.”


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